Tools & Utilities

There are a number of tools for managing your node and developing private subnetworks and enterprise consortia chains. This page lists the most popular ones, explains what they do and their intended usage.

DijetsNodeGo Installer#

DijetsNodeGo Installer is a shell (bash) script that installs DijetsNodeGo on a Linux computer. This script sets up full, running node in a matter of minutes with minimal user input required. This is convenient if you want to run the node as a service on a standalone Linux installation, for example to set up a (Subnet) validator, use the node as a private RPC server and similar uses. It also makes upgrading or reinstalling the nodes easy.

If you want to run a node in a more complex environment, like in a docker or Kubernetes container, or as a part of an installation orchestrated using a tool like Terraform, this installer probably won't fit your purposes.

Dijets CLI#

Dijets CLI is a developer-centric command line tool that gives you access to everything Dijets. Setting up a local network, creating a Subnet, customizing the Subnet/VM configuration - this is the tool to use. It is under rapid development, so check back for new versions with expanded functionality.

Subnetwork CLI#

Subnetwork CLI is a command-line interface to manage Dijets Subnetworks and Enterprise Consortia Chains. It is intended for provisioning testnet or Mainnet subnetworks in production and allows for the use of Ledger device to store the controlling keys for increased operational security.


Dijets-Up is a CLI tool that allows a user to define, create and interact with a network of Dijets nodes. Networks created with Dijets-Up are temporary and get destroyed when the tool is stopped, so the purpose of the tool is to be used for local development and testing the code in the early stages, before you're ready to deploy on permanent infrastructure (testnet or Mainnet).

DVEs (Dijets Virtual Engines)#

Dijets Virtual Engines (DVEs) is a command-line tool to manage virtual machines binaries on existing DijetsNodeGo instances. It enables to add/remove nodes to private networks and enterprise consortia chains, upgrade plugins to the virtual machine binaries as new versions get released.

Dijets Ops#

A single command to launch and configure network infrastructure (virtual machines or cloud instances). It can install Dijets nodes from scratch allowing for various configuration requirements. Provisions all resources required to run a node or network with recommended setups (configurable). This tool is intended for quickly creating, testing and iterating over various Dijets network infrastructure configurations for testing and simulation purposes. Use this to play with various setups and reproduce potential problems and issues with possible configurations.

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